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Now, let's explain the origin of Hagakure's Japanese chivalry, primarily based on the relations between Japan and the international society.

1. Japan used to be a dependency of China in the former times. However, Japan leaves China later, and the periods of the genuine Japanese culture of its own come up.

5_ajia.gif (7618 バイト) Scenery of the 5th Century in Asia
"Wa" is the name of Japan in those days.
2. In 960, Tang Dynasty falls and Sung takes the control of China. Then, the relations with Japan come out strongly. For example, in Saga Prefecture, the birthplace of Hagakure, Taira Tadamori, who had been governing the region, became powerful investing the profits from Kanzaki Sho into the trade with Sung.
f02_01_1.gif (14827 バイト) Genpei Seisui Ki
The book describing wars around 1185.
akahata.gif (8870 バイト) The bell tower of Tomyoji Temple
The base, in Saga, of the sect which had the headquarters in Nara and had the trade with China at that time
This age was strongly influenced by the genuine Japanese culture, as well as by Buddhism. This means the age of "mercy and sympathy" of the genuine Japanese culture and Buddhism, or the age of "substantial" merits of the trade.
After that, in the Muromachi Period, Japan again became a dependency of Ming Dynasty of China. In those days, in Ming, the emperor monopolized the trade. The emperor there, and the tycoon here in Japan, becoming a dependency of the Chinese emperor, trying to earn profits monopolizing the rade on both sides, were aiming at the same puropse in this sense. You will see that it was still the age of the "substance and sympathy."
chizu.gif (13304 バイト) Kaito Shokoku Ki
The book on Japan written by a Korean scholar. It shows vivid movements of the Japanese people toward the international trade.
terazu.gif (3837 バイト) The gate of Yoka Shrine, Saga City
The general Shoni Masasuke, who built this gate, was also active in the trade with Korea.

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