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- Hagakure as the main theme -
Welcome to the "Virtual Museum of Japanese Chivalry "!

This museum, hosted by Takashi Kamura on the net, provides various materials on Japanese chivalry. We have "Bushido", written by Inazo Nitobe in English, as a book introducing Japanese chivalry. But, this book, though showing one type of Japanese chivalry, does not refer to all aspects of the samurai concept. By my thought, Japanese chivalry regarding occupational ethics has two types: one with the backbone of Confucianism from which Nitobe introduced, and the one with the backbone of Buddhism. Knowing the difference between the two would be to understand the current "Japan," too.
kamura.jpg (2856 バイト) Takashi Kamura:
Born in 1950. Since childhood, having had interest in "Hagakure," the book on Japanese chivalry, written in Kyushu, he has been publishing many articles on the concept.
At present he is a lawyer, also lecturing at Meiji University and Nihon Bunka University.
* Two types of Japanese chivalry
Japanese chivalry is roughly divided into two in this museum: Hagakure's Japanese chivalry and Tokugawa's Japanese chivalry.
Hagakure's Japanese chivalry is the one written in the book of "Hagakure". This came into being in 1716 in Saga Prefecture (formerly called the Saga clan, in Kyushu).
suikun.gif (6664 バイト) Monument of Tsunetomo's Allocution
The monument standing on the place of the formation of Hagakure
f01_01.gif (12422 バイト) Hagakure
f01_02.gif (13425 バイト) Budo Shoshin Shu (Beginners' Guide for Aartial Arts)
A book based on Buddhism, as in Hagakure.
naberon.gif (6503 バイト) Nabeshima Rongo Hagakure Zenshu (Anthology of Nabeshima Discourses on Hagakure)
The Hagakure, issued for the first time as a printed book.